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Videos of research

MiniDoc of HTB 2.0 by Queen Mary Digital Arts MA students, Feb 2016

Documentary on the latest Hacking the Body 2.0 work - Flutter/Stutter and Feel Me
Hacking the Body and HTB2.0 is an ongoing research project about biosensor, wearables and performance. It explores using the concept of hacking data to re-purpose and re-imagine biofeedback from the body. It investigates understandings of states of the body and hacking them to make new artworks such as performance, installation and visual artefacts. Documentary by Queen Mary Digital Arts MA students April 2016: Rosella Galindo, Jinshan Liu, Siyu Yu, Shuxing Li

MiniDoc of HTB 2.0 Performances, Feb 2016

This is a video that shows the HTB 2.0 new iteration of the project and performances pieces in development, led by artistic directors/ project leaders Camille Baker and Kate Sicchio. It shows the experimentation and user/ dancer testing of new prototype of custom wearable tech/e-textile costumes, developed by collaborators Tara Baoth Mooney for the costume design using sustainable materials and processes, and Becky Stewart designing and developing the hardware and software components for the wearable tech/e-textile garments. Video by Aaran Green, Camille Baker and Dann Emmons

Hacking the Body 2.0 Doc - April 2015


This video is self-explanatory about the research Kate and I have embarked within this recent residency. This video was recently show as a premiere in the WEAR Next_ exhibition of the Artisan Gallery in Brisbane, Australia on wearable technologies and fashion.

TEDxBrighton 2014 - Many Hands


I was honoured adn terrified to be invited to do a TEDx talk in October 2014 on my practice, research and waht motivates me, as well where I hope to take my research - especially around wearable technologies.

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