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These are the most recent or on-going media art research projects I'm working on. 

HTB 2.0: Performances

We staged two performances in February 2016 in London, UK (February 16th) and in Sheffield, UK (February 18th) – of the two pieces we developed in the autumn of 2015. The first piece: 1) flutter/stutter – involves haptic costumes with ‘tickle motor’ actuation and custom vibe actuators, with sound feedback for the audience to understand the interaction, and linked to the touch interaction; and 2) feel me – costumes with a mix of hacked off-the-shelf wearable tech garments with breath and heartrate sensors, with custom smart textile vibe motor actuators and a custom iPad interface for choreographic and audience interventions or ‘live coding’.

See our blog for more on the project:

hackingthebody blog 

e-stitches (formerly Stitch Bitch Make/Perform).


We are a new a growing group concerned with wearables and e-textiles in art, design, fashiona and performance.


Our meetups are every 6weeks or so - join our Google group here: 


Stitch Bitch Make/Perform

HTB 2.0

This new iteration of the collaborative project Hacking the Body, by media artist Camille Baker and media artist/ choreographer Kate Sicchio, attempts to address the ethical issues around identity and data ownership when using wearable tech in performance. We develop methods to use and hack commercial wearable devices, as well as making handmade e-textiles sensing devices for performance. As such, we encourage performers to access their own physiological data for personal use, but also to create unique and interactive performances.  These images come from the residency we did in April 2015.

See our blog for more on the project:

hackingthebody blog 

Hacking the Body

Hacking the Body and HTB2.0 is an ongoing research project about biosensor, wearables and performance. It explores using the concept of hacking data to re-purpose and re-imagine biofeedback from the body. It investigates understandings of states of the body and hacking them to make new artworks such as performance, installation and visual artefacts.


See our blog for more on updates on the project:


hackingthebody blog

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