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I am a media artist/ curator/ researcher/maker of participatory performance & media work, and while developing methods and approaches to exploring the body within performance & interactive art contexts, using soft circuits and wearable electronics for smart garments and haptic interfaces for the body and performance. Other work includes: mobile 

media art, digital, electronic and video art, interactive 

installation, responsive environments, telematic/networked performance, music composition and performance, digital art curating, research and education. I also had a previous life as a singer, bassist and songwriter for various rock & electronic music bands that played live, as well as in contemporary dance.


Keen about new technologies, net art, emerging trends in electronic and video art, interface design and HCI concerns, as well as the political and cultural impact of technology.


Specialties: Media Art Performance/ Production/Research, Digital & Electronic Art Curation, Innovation and Experience Design, Academic Writing, Conference/Event and Festival Production, and Project/Staff Management.

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